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How To Support Your Tween During COVID-19

coivd-19 support tween Apr 16, 2020

What an interesting time to be alive! While the adults of the world deal with working from home, unemployment, being an essential worker, home schooling their kids, day-to-day changes from the local and federal government and a thousand more things, our tweens are also trying to figure out who they are as a person and how they fit in during this isolation.

Difficult to say the least. We have a few ideas on how you can help your child manage this strange, new world. 

  1. Provide a routine but allow your child to participate in the creation of what that looks like. This gives them a sense of independence and improves their decision-making skills.
  2. Set realistic goals for each school day. Online schooling is HARD! Pick 1-3 goals for each day or even 3-5 goals for the week, either way setting expectations is key.
  3. Create a checklist for what to complete each day- use stickers or other rewards for completion.
  4. Reach out to teachers for support, they want to help our kids succeed.
  5. Talk to your tween about how to communicate with their teacher to get the most from their studies or confirm assignments are received.
  6. Allow mini- breaks through out the day to move and shift focus so your tween can release energy and stress that comes with the new territory.
  7. Give your kids (and yourself) some slack. Not seeing friends or family and trying to balance work and online school is new to many of us. There is no award for perfect parent during the pandemic. Breath and take it one day at a time.

Tell us how you are managing during the shelter-in-place and if there is anything we can do to help. Reach us via Facebook or by email at [email protected].

Grow, Give, Love, Live,

The Mother & The Daughter


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