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The J.O.Y. Journal is featured in Sarah Scoop's Holiday Gift Guide for Health and Wellness

Alyssa from Read 'em and Weep book blog, tried out and reviewed the J.O.Y. Journal. All the feels in this review will make you want a journal for yourself - even if you are an adult! 

Eryn, the 614 mom blogger and her daughter both speak the same love language, quality time. In her post "Spending Intentional Time With My Daughter", this mom of three discusses how J.O.Y. Journal provided her an outlet for that uninterrupted, important time with her oldest daughter. 

January is human trafficking awareness month and in addition to knowledge and resource to fight this tremendous wrong, Jessica of My Peace Love Life discusses how J.O.Y. Journal can ensure girls know their worth and how this assist in staying away from the dangers of trafficking. 


Podcast, YouTube, and Radio Appearances: 

I Am Not For Everyone Podcast Ep 14: Loving You Scars 

Moving beyond the shame of our scars (physical or not!) can be a lifelong journey - and the resiliency and grit it takes to get there is no joke! In today's episode Dr. Lee invites Kayleigh Hanlin to discuss her journey with congenital heart disease, the amazing work she's done in the world for young women and learning to live out loud and love yourself - scars and all. 

Listening to Your Gut Ep 14 J.O.Y. - Just Own You. 

Listening to our gut or intuition is such an important skills to use and acknowledge every single day. Kelly and Kayleigh both deal with health issues and have experience listening (and not listening) to their body and intuition. They sit down to discuss the importance of owning yourself and taking action from your "gut" and how it has impacted their lives and health.

The Story Behind the Story: Author Series with Sierra Melcher. 

Listen in as Kayleigh shares her backstory on co-authoring two books. Sierra and Kayleigh chat about how we as humans have the power to change and grow, along with providing tips on self-love and going after your dreams. 

Bliss With Chris: Creating J.O.Y. in Your 20s with Kayleigh Hanlin 

Let's face it, your 20's can be hard, but they also can be a time to learn how to create JOY for yourself. Kayleigh Hanlin shares what J.O.Y. means to her as well as how to create J.O.Y. In your 20’s. She is the co-founder of Empowered Minds and Co-Author of J.O.Y. Journal.

A Most Unusual T Party Podcast S3 Ep 13 The Telling Y with Kayleigh Hanlin

A Most Unusual T Party, Teresa meets people for the first time and and delves into their hand written form of communication – the study of which is known as graphology. On this episode Teresa does not use the letter "T" to unlock personality traits in Kayleigh's handwriting sample but instead the letter "Y". Find out "Y" that letter is such a key piece to the puzzle. 

The Confident Women Podcast Ep 33: Young Girl Empowerment & J.O.Y. with Kayleigh Hanlin

In this episode, Rachel and Erin get to chat with the lovely Kayleigh Hanlin. Kayleigh is the co-creator of two amazing things for young girls, J.O.Y. Journals and Empowered Minds. In 2017 she started Empowered Minds with her mom, Cathy. This mother-daughter duo's mission is to assist young girls in building a foundation of self-love, confidence, and self-acceptance. The J.O.Y. Journal is designed for girls, ages 7-14, to discover their unique selves through engaging and guided activities.

Kayleigh shares her story of how being born with a congenital heart defect and the obstacles that came with it allowed her to see things from a different perspective. And it was this that led her to creating the J.O.Y. journal. She wanted young girls to feel empowered about who they are and to have self-love.

Thrive Bites Podcast Ep 19: "Ways to Empower Yourself with Coach Cathy"

Cathy is a Life Success Strategist & Coach. She loves helping people discover their greatness.  In her 30-year corporate career, she worked globally and devoted her gifts to developing winning cultures and high performing teams with individuals who strive to reach their full potential.  She held multiple Senior Executive roles including VP of Operations, VP of Human Resources and Organization Development to VP of International and Development. Currently she coaches over 2000 sessions per year to assist people in living their best lives.

Creating the Game Podcast Ep 13: "Wake Up! It Starts With You First"

Cathy Hanlin is the co-founder of Empowered Minds and also serves as a Master success and results coach. In this episode, Justyn and Cathy start by discussing their experience at the world famous Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within seminar. This episode sheds light on many powerful areas of life; particularly why waking up to see what your life could be and that changing the world starts with changing ourselves first. They share strategies for living the life you desire.  Justyn and Cathy even weigh-in on what it would take to achieve world peace. 

The Rising Sisterhood Summit Interview with Kayleigh Hanlin

Kayleigh and Amy, both co-authors of The Rising Sister Book: Rise With Us, chat about why they joined the movement, Kayleigh's chapter, and importance of self-love.



Speaking engagements, workshops hosted by Empowered Minds , author events and family events are listed below.

Vision Board Workshop 

Kayleigh and Cathy presented a vision board workshop at the Massillon Public Library to mothers and daughters to celebrate Mother's Day weekend. 

"I want to plan another program as well as update you on my vision board. On my board, I put pictures of tent camping out in the woods as well as adventure. I was thinking, yeah right I have no one to go with, never happen anytime soon. Literally the next week I went tent camping and had a little adventure. Crazy and random but I now look at my board just about every day." 

- Casanddra, Adult Programming Specialist, Massillon Public Library

Author Fair Massillon Public Library- Massillon, OH

The THR5 Formula Virtual Summit - Join Cathy and a team of passionate health experts in the upcoming The THR5 Formula™ Virtual Summit. We’ll be sharing with you the most helpful insights and tools to a thriving life, tapping into the fields of fitness, personal development, food as medicine, lifestyle medicine, and many more.

Galentine's Day for Boss Babes - Westerville, OH 


Learning and Earning the Science of Happiness Badge

Kayleigh spoke to Girl Scout Troop #1780 virtually presenting Create Your Emotion = Create Your Happiness, a talk that coincides with the Science of Happiness badge. 

Family Event at Massillon Public Library - Massillon, OH 

Powell KidsFest - Powell, OH

Olentangy Summer Bash - Lewis Center, OH

Wagnalls Author Fair at Wagnalls Memorial Library - Lithopolis

Presenting to Girl Scouts- Olentangy, OH

Cathy as Guest Speaker at ROX, Jackson High School

"Thank you for coming and speaking to our Rox girls!  We value your expertise and the time that you gave to our girls!  They were inspired by your words and I believe that they will take what you said and make positive changes in their own lives and the lives of others.  Thank you!"

- Julie, School Counselor, Jackson High School 

Pathway Caring for Children

Cathy was a guest speaker at Pathway Caring for Children, a local non-profit social service agency.


Thank you so much for coming and speaking to us.  You did an awesome job engaging the kids while also giving them something to think about/ use in their daily lives! 

Come back soon, 

Tyzier, Emoni, RT, O'Shah, Sara, Jhamiek, CB, Angela and Destiny

Galloway Ridge Intermediate School 

"Thanks Kayleigh Hanlin and Empowered Minds for the presentation, motivational speech, and fun activities. My class really enjoyed meeting another author and exploring what they wanted in life."

- R.L. Walker, Teacher at Southwest City Schools  and Author, Columbus, OH


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