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J.O.Y. Journal

Have you ever felt different or like you just don’t fit in? Your life is full of possibilities. You have unique qualities, values, and beliefs that help you decide what your life will be about. When you become aware of these gifts, you can easily find your purpose. No two people have the same gifts or the same purpose in life. In J.O.Y. Journal, authors Cathy Hanlin and Kayleigh Hanlin offer a journal to help you discover more about you and how standing out, not fitting in, is what we really need. 

J.O.Y. (Just Own You) Journal is designed for girls to discover your unique self through engaging and guided activities. In this creative journal, through kid-friendly illustrations and innovative activities, you will discover self-acceptance and self-love at your own pace. 

Created by a mother-daughter duo, this journal is filled with fun activities including finding the music that matches your personality, discovering your best day ever (so far), and creating super cool collages. It enlightens you on your journey of self-reflection and discovery, gives you a chance to discover yourself in a creative way, and helps you consider the importance of expressing gratitude. 

Have fun discovering how your uniqueness is what makes you amazing!  

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