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We provide tools for parents to help raise empowered and confident daughters. 

Raising your daughter during her tween years can be fun, challenging and frustrating. 

Transform Your Relationship with Your Daughter

It is time to stop struggling to connect with your daughter. Let us help you support your daughter to be the best version of herself.

What You'll Get:

  • A stronger awareness of how to be happier and more more fulfilled.
  • A safe space for learning and grace to make mistakes
  • An empowered self-image developed through your teamwork.
  • A fresh injection of fun into your relationship.
  • Provide your daughter the best opportunities to thrive
  • Strengthen the bond between you and your daughter.


With the Empowered Mind's products, you can avoid:

  • Feeling lost in how to guide your daughter
  • Sitting back and allowing social media to take over parenting
  • You and your daughter living in a state of stress and overwhelm
  • Communication with your teen stopping all together, which can be scary
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Getting started is easy

With our proven process, you and your daughter will open lines of positive communication, connect in a new way, and have access to a supportive community.

1. Get Access

Select the product that best fits you and your daughter's needs and get immediate access to start working as a team. 

2. Reconnect

As you and your daughter complete the tasks in the offerings, you strengthen your communication and trust. 

3. Grow Together

With better communication, you and your daughter can grow together for years to come and create magical moments that will last a lifetime. 


Seeing your daughter hurting can leave you feeling frustrated and helpless. There is no instruction manual on how to guide your daughter through her tween and teen years. These are the years she faces unkind peer groups, the dark side of social media, and other negative external influences. The world is changing, and it can be exhausting to be a good parent.

We know what it's like to be a mother struggling to connect with their daughter and feeling lost in how to support her through these transitional years. We believe it should not be hard. You deserve to have an amazing relationship with your daughter, while creating loving memories that can be cherished during the tween years and beyond. We can help you support your daughter to be the best version of herself and give her the feeling of empowerment to handle and process through the challenges ahead.

3 Ways You Can Get Started Today

Get access to our products that provide guidance for young girls to cultivate self-love, confidence, and awareness in order to be more independent and make decisions from a place of empowerment.

J.O.Y. Journal

The J.O.Y. Journal is a guided activity journal that you and your daughter can do together to explore and embrace your unique personalities. 

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Online Courses

With the online courses, you and your daughter can go deeper to learn and work together create a stronger line of communication.                  

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For a more intimate and hands-on approach for you and your daughter, our coaching package is a perfect way to get one-on-one support.  

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The Women Behind the Brand

As a mother of two daughters, raising them was sometimes painful and challenging. There were days I felt isolated and alone struggling to find the best way to guide them without being an overbearing parent.

After many years of trial and error and extensive learning and course work, Kayleigh and I teamed up to create an innovative framework for parents to support their daughter when she struggles with low self esteem.

After learning and having massive breakthroughs ourselves, we thought, "what if we had known this when we were younger, how different would our lives had been?" We decided to share our wisdom with other parents and girls so they can deal with lifes challenges in a more empowering way. 

By teaming up and providing targeted, positive products, we help you inspire your daughter to make decisions from a place of confidence, security, and empowerment, rather than a place of fear. 

Cathy & Kayleigh

Cathy is a results coach and has 20+ experience in corporate management. Her proudest accomplishments are her three children. 

Kayleigh is an expert daughter and has a background in operations and marketing. Her love of books is what sparked her interest to create a journal. 

Empowered Minds Online Courses for Girls

We provide work at your own pace, psychology-based tween courses that provide the building blocks to thrive.

Build Your Strength and Resilience Muscles

Your daughter will learn to embrace the victor in her and to take control of the narrative of her life experiences.

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Be an Effective Communicator

Your daughter will learn effective communicate skills to feel more confident in her communication. 

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Make Self-Confidence Your Superpower

She will learn to cultivate self-love, confidence, and acceptance, allowing her to harness her inner power.

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"Every coaching call is uniquely different and I notice that is how I put my energy into it. I am looking forward to our next phone call and co-creating magical conversation."

Busniess Owner

"This course just made me feel like who I am, it made me feel free! I liked doing this course because it was something other than school to do."

Age 10

"I look forward to talking to you ALWAYS! I actually miss when we don't get to talk. You just help me stay on track and it means a lot. I am really proud of myself that I chose to pursue having a life coach."


"One thing that I've really enjoyed the last 4-6 weeks is that no matter where I'm at or what mood I'm in, everything is always better after our call! You always leave me with a sense of appreciation for life and lately, I've really needed that. Thanks!"


"It's a great project for her. Homework is light compared to the time she has. So I tell her let's do Empowered Minds classes. When she is done, she is always happy and excited. It’s a good thing because she is achieving something not passively watching tv."

Mother of two

"I noticed, 5th grade is a big math year, and most incoming 5th graders were way behind on math due to the virtual environment. And that can be a real panic moment. And Ellie said I’ll just stick with it. Her confidence level has really been heightened since she started doing these courses. You can see the benefits of that coming through."

Father of one

Get 4 daily actions you can take today to support your daughter! 

How can you strengthen your bond with your tween during this part of their life? Download 4 actions you can take now to support your daughter.