Be an Effective Communicator

Connect deeper with your daughter. 

Overcome Tween Trials

All mothers have heard it before, “You don’t get it” or “You don’t understand.” Suddenly our tiny bundles of joy become distant and forget that we are in their corner. After school conversations become briefer and details of their busy lives start dwindling away. 

You’re struggling with the feeling of disconnect with your daughter. You want to be their place of safety, but instead you are feeling left in the dark. You’re desperate to bridge that connection and help your daughter navigate these trying years.


Bridge the communication gap.

Communication is a complicated dance of body language, facial expressions, and carefully chosen words. It's one of the most valuable skills that we have, yet it can often be misunderstood. 

By strengthening communication skills, confidence will naturally begin to build and your daughter will embrace her voice. 

 Say it and meant it. 

With our Be an Effective Communicator course, your daughter will learn more about how we effectively communicate, read other’s emotions, and feel more confident in their communication. This will improve their communication skills with classmates, friends, family, and you - their parent. 

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What's Inside

Unlock our carefully curated module, your daughter will learn to build the tools to have meaningful interactions with peers, parents, and educators.

Work at your own pace, with our psychology-based teen course that provides: 

  • Quick and easy closed caption videos that provide powerful lessons 
  • Lifetime access 
  • Downloadable worksheets that encourage the girls to embrace their strengths 
  • A safe space online where girls and guardians can interact, connect, and share their experiences. 
  • A Certificate of Completion 

Worth Over $300

Get the Be an Effective Communicator Course for $111. 


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What customers are saying...

“This is REALLY well done. You have such a way of explaining these concepts to kiddos." 

Lee, mom to girls 9 & 11

I noticed, 5th grade is a big math year, and most incoming 5th graders were way behind on math due to the virtual environment. And that can be a real panic moment. And Ellie said I’ll just stick with it. Her confidence level has really been heightened since she started doing these courses. You can see the benefits of that coming through."

Chris, dad to girl age 10

“This course is really on point, because there is a conflict with my daughter and her best friend that she is going through right now. She has been using your content and my help for her to work through the fight.”

Sabine, mom to girl age 10

Bundle and Save!

Are you interested in connecting with your daughter and completing multiple courses? 

We now offer a bundle and save program. Subscribe to all three courses below and receive a bundled rate of: $249

Make Self-Confidence Your Superpower

Through our unique course, your daughter will learn to cultivate self-love, confidence, and acceptance. This will develop independence and allow her to harness her inner power.

Be an Effective Communicator

With our course, your daughter will learn more about how we effectively communicate, read other’s emotions, and feel more confident in their communication. 

Build Your Strength and Resilience Muscles

Through our unique course, your daughter will learn the tools to build resilience and strength.

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The Women Behind the Brand

We are a mother-daughter duo who build the brand to provide girls and women with a foundation of self-acceptance, self-love, and confidence. Through our training and collaboration, we have uncovered the unique (and sometimes painful) struggles that women and girls feel with empowerment, communication, and relationships. 

We often asked ourselves, "what if we had known this when we were younger, how different would our lives had been?" We decided to share our wisdom to younger generations so they can deal with challenges in a more empowering way. 

By teaming up and providing targeted, positive courses, we inspire girls to make decisions from a place of confidence, security, and empowerment, rather than a place of fear. 

Mothers and guardians can begin to connect with their daughter on a deeper level by facing challenges as a united team.

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